Urban Agriculture Center

Sexlinger Urban Agriculture Center

This rendering, by Guy Stivers & Associates, depicts what the Sexlinger Farmhouse and Orchard could be with your help.

The home and garage remain in their original location, at the NW corner of the property.  The home will be open to the public as an agricultural heritage museum.  There will be both Valencia and Navel orange trees planted in the orchard along with other trees important to Orange County’s agricultural history.  In addition, a nursery with heirloom plants, community gardens for all to participate in, a demonstration garden featuring crops that were grown in Orange County when agriculture was the economic engine of the area will be included. The plaza, located in the center of the orchard, will host a farmer’s market and other events.

As you can see, the Sexlinger Farmhouse and Orange Orchard has so much to offer our community.  Let’s preserve this unique site for generations to come.

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