About TOOC

“To preserve, acquire, restore and manage the Old Orange Orchard located in Santa Ana, Calfiornia, as an historic, cultural, agricultural, and educational resource for all.”

The Old Orchard Conservancy (TOOC) started as a grassroots group called Save Our Orchard Coalition in March 2011.  We have worked tirelessly since that time to save the Sexlinger Farmhouse and Orange Orchard located at 1584 E. Santa Clara Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705 from a 24-unit housing development.  We formed a California Public Benefit Non-Profit in July 2012.

Our vision for this property is one where our community will: have access to the food that grows here; be able participate in community garden activities; attend educational classes about gardening, sustainability, citrus care; and educate our youth with hands on activities and mentoring programs.

We have been successful on several fronts bringing this historic site to the attention of Santa Ana City Council, Planning Commission, and Historical Resources Commission, among others.  The Santa Ana City Council, in June 2012, voted to place the this one-hundred year-old orange orchard and original farm house on Santa Ana’s Register of Historical Properties.  This type of property, an orchard and farmhouse, is the first of its kind on our city’s historic register.

Please join us in our effort to save this historic site and be a part of the creation of an urban agricultural center in the city of Santa Ana where we can come together to learn, grow and build a stronger community.