Today is the first #Giving Tuesday – What will you be giving?

This terrific idea is supported by a host of non-profits, corporations and other individuals/organizations. Its mission is to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofit organizations.

We, of The Old Orchard Conservancy, welcome your help or charitable donations to save the Orchard, and create an Urban Agricultural Center for the community to share. If you’d like to help us with our efforts, please contact us, or consider donating any amount of money to help achieve our vision.

Thank you for your generous support. Please feel free to like this post and/or share it with your friends.

Attention OC Register Subscribers

Are you an Orange County Register Subscriber?

If so, you may soon receive a gold envelope in the mail from the OC Register, containing what looks like a check. If you get one, you can endorse it to The Old Orchard Conservancy c/o Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society, and mail it back to the OC Register (per instructions in the letter). The Register will then notify us that money is available for us to spend on advertising.  Aaron Kushner, the new publisher and owner of The Orange County Register has pledged $12.4 million worth of free advertising to local nonprofits to be chosen by the paper’s readers.

Thank you for your support!